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Early New Year

As the snow flies, the rain freezes, and I nibble the treats left in my stocking, the New Year has arrived. Well, in some ways it has. Seed catalogs for 2008 are piling up next to my chair. Seed Savers came first with great pictures, and inspirational names for everything from beans (Calypso, Dragon's Tongue, Lina Cisco's Bird Egg) to watermelon (Moon & Stars, Osh Kirgizia, and Melitpolski). The Osh Kirgizia is particularly exciting as I suspect it may be similar to those I ate while in Peace Corps Kazakhstan. (So sweet, so perfect. Still one of my fondest memories.) Johnny's Selected Seeds came next, and I found myself eye-balling the flower selection. Calendula specifically, as I have come to love those blooms (in my salads as well as vases about the house) almost as much as zinnias. Our neighbors at Frog Holler Farm introduced me to edible flowers five years ago, and I've never looked back. (Mostly because I'm too busy eating their fantastic salad mix or