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A Sure Sign of Spring - Rhubarb

My rhubarb is emerging slowly but surely to begin its second year of life in my garden. The pleasure and relief I experienced seeing it come up (I always worry the perennials won't come back!) are beyond words. Even though we had frost last night, I know that spring is in full swing. Here's a great little article on rhubarb from Edible Landscaping , too! Only a little while to wait until we have it over ice cream....

More burning of the front yard

We burned the yard again this evening, much to the disapointment of our neighbors, I'm sure. The daffodils and iris weren't too happy either, but overall it's a great experiment. We don't mow a large portion of the yard - a waste of fuel, time, and money - but just have trails that run through it. The burn ran mostly along the top of the grass, and we're already seeing more green than black. I'm also not seeing the dreaded garlic mustard over there despite its presence along our fence lines. I've got my fingers crossed that we can continue to keep it out and encourage whatever natives come along.

Three Eggs a Day and a Fox

The girls are laying like mad. We get about three eggs a day, which rapidly fills up the spare cartons we have. Our Auracauna lays almost religiously - hers is the only green egg out there - and the others aren't far behind. The girls free range and as the season carries on they venture over to our neighbors house. Imagine my shock as I saw them calmly walk down our driveway to cross the road and walk all the way up to his house. When I went to herd them back he came out to tell me they visit regularly. They like the birdseed from the feeder outside his livingroom window. Our neighbor is now attached to them, and keeps an eye out for their safety. He called the other night to report he'd seen a fox. He chased it away, but the girls were at risk. Yikes. Well. What's a mother hen like me to do? Open the coop door and hope for the best, and feel grateful every time I see four girls come running when I get home at night.