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Reality Shift

I'm venturing away from my main topic (gardening, etc.) with this post, but regardless here goes. Yesterday was my last day at my job. Yesterday I left my full-time, benefit-giving, regular-paychecking job. It's a little freaky to not be part of that particular mainstream - the one driving in every morning from the outer edges to the city center - but it feels good, too. I don't quite believe it yet, but it is slowly dawning on me that I've shifted my reality. Now I will drive in maybe once or twice a week to work the Farmer's Market or to attend a meeting. Instead of driving my car to work, I'm going to bike to a friend's farm and work at whatever they tell me to do. It's a big change, but it feels exhilirating in a way. I feel like I'm beginning to pay attention to something inside me that needs attention. The little voice that informs my soul as to what is right and wrong and how to act on that. For me and for this moment it's the right cho

Lost Chicken

Sad news on the homefront. We lost one of our girls to a raccoon. We went to a movie that ran long, and asked a relative to put the girls away for the evening. When he arrived he found a raccoon in the coop with a hen in hand. The damage had already been done. We immediately rushed out with flashlights, and for my part I confess to my own bit of bloodlust. It is one of the few moments in life where having a gun is appealing. We roamed about the yard and barn clucking and calling, but heard nothing. We spotted the raccoon occasionally skulking about but were not able to catch it or catch up to it. We circled out to our neighbors yard, and found feathers. They seemed to match Rhoda (the Rhode Island Red) and a little further on we found some that seemed to match Rocky (our Barred Rock). A bit despondent to say the least we carried on looking in his barns and property, but found nothing. Standing in the driveway thanking our uncle for his efforts, I heard a clucking from the neighbors