Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kale Soup Recipe

Since the demise of our hoophouse I'm buying kale wherever I can whenever I can. Since I live in the rural corner of southwest Washtenaw County, it can be a challenge to find greens. Kale is still relatively unknown out here except for the folks like Frog Holler and Ambry Farms who grow it.

I came home recently with four big bundles that needed to be rehydrated and then used. (I rehydrate kale, chard, and other greens by snipping off a bit of stem and plunking them in a bowl of water. A few hours later it's a brand new vegetable and a great centerpiece!) We also had meat-appreciating houseguests coming the next day, so I thought why not make some soup? I couldn't find my recipe for kale-sausage soup, so I went trolling and found this one for Portugese Kale Soup.

Now, I've had some bad luck with soup lately, so I followed this recipe mostly to the letter. I used some St. Julian's Blue Heron, my own canned tomatoes, and some homemade chorizo we bought at a little Mexican grocery in my hometown in Wisconsin. It takes longer to prepare than the recipe says, but it is so much fun and well worth it. I took the apple out, but it might be interesting to leave it in, too. I served it with homemade bread we made with the rest of the wine. Full satisfied bellies all the way around.

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Maggie said...

It's too bad your hoophouse didn't make it but this is another great looking soup. We're eating almost nothing but soup since the holidays but I've been using a lot of root vegetables and only a little greens. I still have to try the cabbage soup.