Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Local Theater with Good Popcorn

Cathy King over at Frog Holler mentioned the Clinton Theater after reading my post about conventional popcorn. She wrote, "Let's give a shoutout to the Clinton Theater that pops up Eden's organic popcorn for righteous movie munching!It's a family theater in downtown Clinton where the price is right ($3.00)and the pre-movie music is the coolest in the county (served up by theater owner Frank Allison from his vast and quirky audio library)."

And she's right. It's one of the niftiest little spots of fun in our area. Cheap, quality entertainment with tasty snacks from Eden Foods literally just down the street. The Clinton Theater periodically opens its doors and offers its projector to groups wanting to bring a not-so-mainstream film to our rural community. They've done showings of Fahrenheit 911 and Super Size Me for free and to full houses.

Worth a field trip in itself, the theater is snuggled next to a couple terrific restaurants - the Clinton Inn and Dan's Tavern - on historic Highway 12. Make it an evening!

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