Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I See Chickens

I look out the window over our sink and see the chickens pecking under the bird feeder, wandering through the yard, or hopping about in the compost bin. In reality, though, I just see where our barn used to be, chickadees and nuthatches under and on the feeder, and no action in the compost bin. The girls don't come running across the road from our neighbors or stroll casually up the driveway. Even though I fully expect to witness these events as I go through the course of my day, they don't happen. Each time it is jarring.

Saturday evening the girls moved into their new digs at Dragonwood Farm. They moved from their small rural convent to a larger commune that includes roosters and a variety of other ladies from different backgrounds. Dragonwood bustles with chickens and chicken action. Chatty, hopping birds and roosters eyeballing everyone in the vicinity. It's a big change. Sort of like us moving from the country to Tokyo, I guess.

I stopped in to say hello on Sunday evening, and the girls looked good. I like to imagine they recognized my clucking (they did seem to perk up a bit and look about), but I don't know. I think they're making friends, learning the lay of the land, and holding their own with the roosters. I know they'll be happy at Dragonwood - free-ranging for bugs and greens and digging in the compost as usual - which is why we chose that for their new home. It makes it no less easy though, and I still find myself at sunset thinking I'd better go out and close up the coop.


Anonymous said...

A poignant post! Your girls are fine, I'm sure, and I'm thinking of you and Rich as you wing your way East at this very moment. Looking forward to The Japan Years segment of Popcorn Homestead (but I still think you should change the name to Edamame Apartment).

Anonymous said...

The girls are indeed fine, fitting in well with the Dragonwood West Flock. Each morning when I throw scratch grains in the grass Rhoda turns away from the others and stamps her feet in front of me... did you feed her by hand?? She seems to be expecting that. I've indulged her a couple times, but she's getting the picture by and by. They're all doing very well; we're very happy to have them.