Friday, June 18, 2010

Biwa Season Opener

Like any good farmstead, the one where I help out is full of fruit trees. Not just blueberries (although I am quite grateful the bushes line the path to and from my little garden space) that console me in these dark days of aphids on my zucchini, but mikan, yuzu, and biwa. Mikan season is essentially over, and the next round of yuzu are only tiny, tiny green balls taking it slow on these hot days and absorbing the sunshine for winter harvest. Now, it's biwa's turn to shine.

An odd looking fruit, the biwa (known outside of Japan as the loquat) has a cool subtle flavor, and is lovely to eat standing in the shade. Word has it that it makes a lovely jam, liqueur (along the lines of umeshu), and that the leaves make a tasty and healthy tea. These will simply be dessert.

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