Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cucumber Delight

It's been way too hot to cook and salads suffer from a lack of garden greens. Our new favorite dish of green beans is fast and easy, and thankfully the tomatoes are at last making it to the table to add a fancy dash of color and taste.

Cucumbers are in full swing as well, and seem to be nearly taking over just about every vegetable stand in the area. I usually serve them straight up or with miso paste for dipping. Well, thanks to Kitchen Garden Japan and this nifty little recipe we've just added another dish to our standard summer fare. (Kitchen Garden recommends serving them with beer, so we followed suit.) Tweaked a bit to match what was on hand plus some creativeness - paprika, sesame seeds, and a dash of soy sauce - we finished a big bowl in no time. I feel cooler already.

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