Monday, October 4, 2010

Flowers in the Park

Just west of us in Tokyo is Koganei Park. Full of bike trails, huge green spaces, small forests, a public pool, tennis courts, a grass sledding hill, a large dog park, and more it is incredibly popular and busy on weekends. Sunday was such an utterly perfect fall day - lots of sun with a light breeze and cool temperatures - that we picked up some sushi and headed over to see what was happening.

As we made our way through the thick crowd of kids, dogs, and adults out enjoying the day we passed by one of the seasonal flowerbeds. Also utterly massive, the flowers change throughout the year to reflect the season. Cosmos are the flower of the moment, and so the bed is a veritable sea of delicate green leaves splashed with bits of white, fuchsia, pink, and everything in between. Cosmos make for a lovely cut flower, but they're also a favorite of beneficial insects. All that greenery makes a cozy place to hang out and wait for snacks to come by. I joined the throng of camera-toting adorers to take a few pictures of one of my favorite flowers, too.


~fer said...

beautiful flower! Is nice to see how wildlife blooms around in japan, I always enjoy a bike ride around the parks here

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Me, too! It's fun to see the blooms change with the seasons.