Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our House Salad

All this talk about salads, eating greens and fresh vegetables, farmers markets, as well as the inspiration my front balcony garden gave me this past Sunday to tidy the back one, made me realize I ought to post a photo of one of our typical house salads. Granted, I made this particular one to celebrate Thanksgiving at a friends house, but this is truly what we eat at least two meals a day.

The purple carrots aren't in there, but a variety of purple daikon is along with some purple karashina that isn't visible. Kabu, arugula, red radish, komatsuna, and a few chrysanthemum greens that didn't get turned into our favorite dish are jumbled together with the very last basil, some parsley, and bergamont. Calendula and violas add some more color, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds give it a little extra crunch. (I don't believe in lettuce, so it's never included in these creations of ours. Well, unless the farmers give me some of their's, but that's different.) Carrot is often grated in as well, but surprisingly there was none in the drawer that day. Our dressing is olive oil, rice vinegar, and soy sauce all poured over the top in unmeasured amounts. Every day it's a little different, but it's always tasty.

It's easy, fresh, and always a hit with guests or at parties. Somewhat to our shame, we go a bit mad if we can't eat like this for more than two days running. I've been known to force a scaled-back version on hosts when traveling, although we disguise it as the old "Oh, let us cook tonight" ruse. Works every time.


Matt DiLeo said...

That looks so cool... Do the flowers have much taste?

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Thanks, Mat! The flowers here don't have much taste, but they do make for some attractive eating. Nasturtiums, on the other hand - blooms, leaves, stems, etc. - are lovely and pack rather a punch. Their taste is similar to wasabi, but in small doses it's just a bit of occasional zing. Try it. It's so seriously easy and so good for you.

Matt DiLeo said...

awesome, i think it's time to update my blogroll

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Thanks, Mat. And let me know how it goes. I look forward to hearing about your salad adventures!