Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Plum Blossoms and Tiny Daffodils

One of the traditional "three friends of winter", the plum blossom usually doesn't arrive until some time in February. Until then, plum blossoms are usually depicted using pink and white bits of paper or even colored mochi on bare branches.

This year, though, what seems like somewhat unseasonably warm winter weather encouraged a plum tree at the farm to begin blossoming. The daffodils that line the wall behind the greenhouse are also standing tall these days, and just before New Year's C-Chan cut a few of each for me. The daffodils are now in the compost pile, but the plum branches continue to bloom on our windowsill.


fer said...

must be very nice to see them bloom. I wanted to get a little one for my garden, but they are a bit expensive and my garden doesnt really fit it anyway.
Oh, and the komatsuna is still getting colored. I guess I will harvest that as baby salad. weirdly enough only the big ones got that, the seedlings are ok.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Fer, I wonder if the discoloration is not cold, but some kind of nutrient lack in the soil. Could be nitrogen lacking. What do you think?