Thursday, May 19, 2011

On the Verge of Ume Season

I know, I know. Another photo of blossoms. I can't seem to help myself these days. Spring in Japan is truly a tremendous time of year. Sakura (cherry blossoms) aside, there are flowers waiting in the wings, on center stage, or just exiting all in a show of color that is utterly breathtaking. From trees to weeds to the garden, everything seems to have something to show off these days.

This latest is, perhaps, a bit of a change. It is the actual fruit rather than the bloom. Ume (Japanese plum) blooms in February (perhaps when we most need something to do so) and March, and then promptly gets down to the business of making fruit. I spotted these little beauties flaunting themselves on a branch at the farm yesterday just after discovering the kaki blossoms and baby fruit. Soon I'll be whipping up a fresh round of umeshu, umehachimitsu, and maybe even umeboshi again!


Anjuli said...

spring does bring a certain excitement of expectations...things to see...things to make...things to enjoy!

When does Nashi (?) appear? (the Japanese pear)....I remember taking the children to a Nashi orchard and picking fruit-- what I really remember were all the cicadas there- amazing!!

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Nashi arrive in the fall. The crispy fat fruits start sometime in September and keep rolling right on through November and even into December, I think. They are amazing, and I'm hoping to make some jam and perhaps a "shu" or two with them this year.