Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sage in Bloom

Like any gardener does in spring, I tend to buy too many plants when I go to the nursery. I really don't know a cure for this. I've tried to limit the amount of money I bring. I try to make sure my bike baskets are already a little full. I write a list and swear that I will stick to it. But, there always seems to be one (OK, make that about three) extra plants that come home with me. There's always a sale or there's always something on my list that the nursery is out of so I simply have to get something else.

Such is the case with the sage in my garden. Thinking I would only pick up one thing - not even a plant, mind you - I came home with a series of herbs, including two sage plants two years ago. One didn't make it as the leaves seemed tasty to some little critter other than myself. This plant has survived, although it struggles with a nibbler still. I harvest a bit now and again, but leave most of the plant in tact so that it carry on unimpeded to health. And perhaps as a positive sign, it is blooming. Sweet little blue flowers emerged in pleasant contrast to the yellow edible chrysanthemum blooms of a winter leftover I plopped in just behind it three weeks or so ago.


Kim Griffin said...

So pretty. I love little surprises in the garden. I usually buy too much too, but tried to contain myself this year.

I do have 2 sages, though, one is a regular sage that survived from last year and the second is a pineapple sage which smells delicious and is growing like gangbusters!


Unknown said...

I am addicted to collecting plants. They draw me in like a puppy needing a home and I say "one more won't hurt" and before I know it I've racked up a hefty amount of plants without a clue where I'm going to put them. I love it though and just keep digging up new garden beds each to support my addiction. :)

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Good gravy, can I relate or what? It took all I had just this afternoon to not detour to a nursery that is really not even that close to the place I was headed. And I've got plants galore to still get in the garden and in pots. Although, I did end up buying a new kind of tomato from a farmer at a local food buffet gig this Sunday...I can't help it.

What do you do with your sage, by the way?