Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tokyo Farmer's Markets: February 11th and 12th

Heaps of markets on this weekend in Tokyo, and while I'm still tromping about the wilds of the Midwest I just know there are vegetables I'm missing. I've already been craving daikon and our house salad, even though a recent hearty serving of roast parsnips, beets, brussel sprouts, potatoes, and garlic gave me a fair amount of comfort. Head on out and grab some extra mochi with a glorious bunch of komatsuna for me!

Photo Note: Another producer from the Yurakucho Farmer's Market. The weekend we went featured Akita Prefecture foods and those who make them possible. This lovely gentleman let me sample and then sold me one of the more unique items I've tasted yet: smoked daikon. Absolutely killer flavor with a nice bit of crunch to make an unexpected pickle-type treat that I've not tasted the like of ever before.

Saturday, February 11 and Sunday, February 12
A gem of a market hidden away in one of Tokyo's high-end shopping districts offering seasonal favorites in a way that feels homey yet rather boutique-y.
11am to 5pm

Every Saturday and Sunday in February
A massive weekend affair that is great fun and features a variety of fruits and vegetables and prepared products from all over Japan. Plus, the curry I had during my last visit from one of the vendors was plate-licking good. (I refrained, but only just.)
10am to 4pm

Every Saturday in February
A recent first visit to this market was well worth the trip for the number of organic growers and getting to meet a Tokyo farmer from just down the tracks in Kokobunji.
10am to 2pm

Every Saturday and Sunday in February
Another nice market not far from the sumo stadium in Ryogoku it's worth casing out for the neighborhood as well as the vendors.
11am to 5pm

Yurakucho Farmer's Market
Another great market somewhere in size between Kichijoji and the United Nation's University Farmer's Market, it often features from a particular growing region as well as heaps of farmers and producers from nearby Chiba and Saitama, too.
Every Saturday and Sunday in February
11am to 5pm
Directions: Turn left out of the station and cross the courtyard toward Tokyo Kouku Keitan. Look for the fun under the overhang!

Know of a market? Give me a shout and we'll add it to the list!


Anjuli said...

You made me miss all those delicious things as well. Our family had a get together last night and ate mainly "Japanese" fare- but there were so many things we missed out on....uwajimaya - although a great store here, just doesn't compete with a great farmer's market!

VP said...

Daikon - is it what I know as Mooli or winter radish?

It looks like it from your link to your harvest post...

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

It might be, VP. Daikon in Japan is really just daikon, but sometimes in other countries it's called a large white radish. Kitazawa Seed Company and Johnny's offer some similar-sized varieties, too. Do you have pictures of the one you're talking about?

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Anjuli, that sounds so nice! We're missing Japanese foods these days, too, since being home for a month. We're happy to be eating our favorites, but long for a good bowl of hot soba...