Monday, March 5, 2012

Kichijoji Earth Day Market: A New Sweet Spot for Vegetable Fun

Kichijoji's March Earth Day Market bustles!

There's a new market in town, and let's just say I'm excited. The Earth Day Market, held monthly over in Yoyogi Park, is one of my favorites, and so when the market manager, Tomiyama-san, told me a 'branch' market was starting up in Kichijoji I was thrilled. The Earth Day Market is all organic, all fair trade, all the time, and the only downside is that it is once a month.

So yesterday, two days returned from our month in America, we battled jet lag and biked on over to check out the new market. There at the western end of the park we found a bundle of vendors braving the chill of a  cloudy Sunday to greet customers with their usual selection of good food and sustainable products.
BioFarm's most yummy roasted potatoes.

Many of our usual favorite vendors were there - Cocira with her most excellent bamboo charcoal cleaning product, BioFarm with the usual selection of beautiful greens and the scrumptious roasted potatoes pictured above, Kitagawen with their lovely organic teas, and Miyamotoyama with their mouth-watering homemade mochi, miso, and natto  - along with a bundle of new folks selling everything from plants and seeds to jewelry, jams, an assortment of grains, vinegars, miso and shitake, along with jewelry and yarn. Busy in spite of gray skies, it's easy to imagine this market shaded by the big trees in warmer months and full of people doing a bit of shopping before venturing to the zoo or a stroll around the pond.

Makino Nouen's amazing daizu selection
Come on out to one of Tokyo's hippest spots to enjoy the park, pick up some groceries, and support area farmers!

Kichijoji Earth Day Market
Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13*
10am to 4pm (Rain or shine!)
*Yup, we have to wait until May. The anticipation is already killing me...

Directions: Head out the South exit of Kichijoji Station towards Inokashira Park. As you come down the steps to enter the park proper, turn right along the pond. Follow the path along until you see an option to head up the hill on the right. Head up the hill, and there at the base of the walkway leading to the zoo and under a grove of trees you'll find a friendly bunch waiting to help you find the vegetable of your dreams. There's plenty of bike parking there, too!


TenThousandThings said...

LOVE your blog! Many thanks for all your great posts!

Jean at Ten Thousand Things (lived in Inokashira-koen in the 1990's; so glad to see the farmer's market there!)

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Many, many thanks, Jean. I'm so glad to hear you enjoy the blog! If you find yourself in our neck of the woods when the next market is, give a shout. It's worth a trip!