Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cafe Good Life Review at Japan Tourist

Dessert at Cafe Good Life. Oh, yeah.
Even though it's only May we are already starting to think about our summer travel plans to Hokkaido. We do love it there, not least because of good friends at Square One, but also because of the the other little treasures we have found there. These have made us feel at home, and have become regular visits for us each time.

One of these places is Cafe Good Life in Asahikawa. Set outside of town in the countryside, Cafe Good Life is one of the few destination restaurants I would recommend as worth the effort. I could say more, but I'll let you read the review I wrote of it over at Japan Tourist, a handy travel site where I'm a contributor. I wrote this one in winter, but summer is glorious. See you there?


Anjuli said...

Oh this looks absolutely amazing!!!!

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

It is a lovely spot, Anjuli. I can't recommend it enough. (Hence the article!)