Monday, June 11, 2012

A Break in the Rain

Yama ichigo pre-devourment
The rain stopped yesterday long enough for us to haul the futons out into the sun, and then grab two good friends and head west into the mountains. My head is swimming at the moment with writing assignments, new responsibilities at old jobs, and trying to figure out my next step. A mountain trek full of steep inclines, smells of damp cedar, views of distant ranges, and a fair amount of sweat sounded perfect.

Stick bug or tobinanafushi.
And it was. I can't say I found answers or got any writing done, but it was a perfect day that regrounded me some. Plus, it reminded me that I better get off my duff and start training for our trip to Hokkaido this August. Oof.

Oh, and I should mention this is the same hike where I found charcoal for sale. This time I bought a bag!

Cool plant along trail. Know it?


Van Waffle said...

I enjoyed this moment of grounding, too, Joan! I know the feeling. Yesterday I was wound up like a top and had to step through our back gate into the pine plantation beyond. The sweet smell of the warm pines grounded me instantly.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Thanks, Van. Sometimes all it takes is a step into something different, something green to help reset a bit. I'm calmer, although the answers in some cases remain elusive. Darn it. Since the rain has returned, I've turned to pickling. Somehow, it seems rational!