Wednesday, January 23, 2013

BioRe and their Organic Cotton in India Article up at Ecotwaza

A Hokkaido vista near the home of good friends.
Not India, but it seemed to fit. Read on!
Farming isn't just for vegetables. Most likely, anyone reading this is wearing some form of cotton. That means you are enjoying the comfort and coziness offered up by a plant. How that plant was grown impacts a farmer and a farming community. That community includes people of all ages as well as the wildlife, other flora and fauna, water there as well as up and downstream, and air that travels distances beyond our imagination. Ultimately, those cute socks, fashionable jeans or sultry unmentionables connect you, the wearer, with another place and world. It's an amazing thing when you think about it.

Most of that cotton, though, isn't raised organically and it's not manufactured responsibly. From GMO seeds to heavy chemical use to unfair labor practices, cotton often weaves a dark tale as it journeys to a store near you.

But not always.

Enter BioRe, Patrick Hohmann, and the farmers he works with in India and Africa to change that story, to weave some light and dignity into cotton's story. I had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick recently and learn how it is possible to make change in this world. It was a life-changing experience for me and I'm grateful for that. I hope, too, to someday journey to India and visit the farmers for myself. (Fingers crossed for that one!) Read the article linked above and see for yourself what things are possible.

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