Friday, February 15, 2013

Tokyo Farmers Markets: February 16th and 17th

Kamakura Leaf at the Yurakacho Farmers Market.
For a farmers market geek like me, this weekend is the dreamiest of all. There are tons of markets to choose from with events and fun galore, not to mention the usual array of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nifty crafts. If I wasn't in America visiting family and friends, I'd be making the rounds here in Tokyo and filling up my backpack with all kinds of goodies. Folks will just have to do the work for me and report in on what they find. (I'm rather serious about that last one. Please feel free. It will ease my feeling of homesickness.) Off you go!

Sunday, February 17th
11am to 5pm
A nice sized market held on the terrace just in front of Ebisu Garden Place that will always be special to me for introducing me to dried natto and tea seedpods.

Nippori Farmer's Market
Saturday, February 16th and Sunday, February 17th
10am to 5pm
Another great market in the city found with a little help from friends, this one is sure to not disappoint. My first visit was wonderful despite cold temperatures and a smattering of rain. Plus, Tohoku growers are on hand sharing their best-of-the-best, so come on out to be part of the recovery and get something good to eat.
No map, but just head out the east exit and look for the green awnings!

Koenji Farmer's Market
Saturday, February 16th
A new market I spotted while riding the train on a Saturday morning into the city center. That circle of red awnings in front of the Za-Koenji Public Theatre could only mean one thing! Sure enough, I found a small group of area growers and producers, and the bounty surely continues!
11am - 5pm

Saturday, February 16th
A unique event in the heart of the city that a vegetable loving geek like me wouldn't miss for the world. What better way to get the healthy vitamins and minerals you need to sustain an evening of karaoke and izakaya hopping?
5pm - 8pm

UN University Market
Every Saturday and Sunday
A massive weekend affair that is great fun and features a variety of fruits and vegetables and prepared products from all over Japan. Plus, there's a most excellent selection of food trucks offering everything from salad to zingy curry to roast chicken to falafel!
10am to 4pm

Every Saturday
A first visit to this market was well worth the trek for the number of organic growers and getting to meet a Tokyo farmer from just down the tracks in Kokobunji!
10am to 2pm

Yurakucho Farmer's Market
Every Saturday and Sunday
Smaller than the UNU Market, Yurakacho features a particular region of Japan each week along with an excellent selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Growers from nearby Chiba, Kamakura, and Saitama are also on hand to help fill the larder.
11am to 5pm
Directions: Turn left out of Yurakacho station and cross the courtyard toward Tokyo Kouku Keitan. Look for the fun under the overhang!

Know of a market? Give me a shout and we'll add it to the list!


anne said...

This is a really great opportunity for small farmers to bring their produce to the locals. It's a new way to introduce their quality fruits and veggies from growers market.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Quite right, Anne, and thanks for sharing the link to markets in Australia. Good travel options for any future trips, if you ask me!