Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Exergy House article up at Ecotowaza!

A suido (small canal) where edible plants and animals live filters water at Amekaze House.
The first time I really thought and wrote about sustainable building practices was after a visit to Square One. Our friends, Toby and Maiko Weymiller, held a straw-bale building workshop that another friend suggested we join. I was fascinated by the ideas and the people I met there. Since then I've looked around at the world with new eyes and other friends have put me on the scent of other great ideas.

Such is the case with the Amekaze House in Koganei. Reina Otsuka, chief leader and motivator at Ecotowaza, asked if I would attend a tour of the house and write about it. It was extraordinary, and again I'm seeing the world with new eyes. You can read the first part of the article over at Ecotowaza and then check out the next part on Friday, September 6th. Amazing.

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