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Tokyo and Yokohama Regional Markets: Saturday, July 25th and Sunday, July 26th

Even giant daikon like the Earth Day Market. Steamy times ahead, indeed, but never fear! There are plenty of good markets on this weekend to visit for fun and something cool to sip or nibble. The Earth Day Market is sure to have a fine selection, and there is no doubt that summer fare - tomatoes, eggplants, green beans, and even a wee bit of sweet corn - can be on the menu. Head on out and see what tasty delights the season has wrought! Earth Day Market Saturday, June 25th I could go wax on forever about how great this market is and how important it is for the future of Japanese farming and global food security. Instead, I'll just insist that folks go and see for themselves what great things the market and these innovative growers are doing. Come find some good food and fun and enjoy! 10am to 4pm, Rain or shine! Map Kamakura Farmers Market Every day A small local affair featuring Kamakura heirloom fruits and vegetables raised in yet another former capital cit

Tokyo and Yokohama Regional Markets: Saturday, June 18th and Sunday, June 19th

A mere sample of the tasty treats to be found at Oiso! This is the most challenging weekend for farmers market fans. The selection of markets in Tokyo and Yokohama is hard to beat and hard to choose from. The smaller ones - Koenji and Nippori - offer a rare chance to really talk with growers and producers as well as visit unique places in the city, while the larger ones - Oiso and Kitanaka - are excellent day trips full of good fun. My only suggestion is to grab your backpack and maybe an umbrella before you go. No matter where you choose, there will be good food and good fun! Koenji Farmer's Market Saturday, June 18th A new market I spotted while riding the train a few years ago on a Saturday morning into the city center is still going strong. That circle of red awnings in front of the  Za-Koenji Public Theatre  could only mean one thing! Sure enough, I found a small group of area growers and producers, and the bounty surely continues! 11am - 5pm Map Nippori Far

Tokyo and Yokohama Regional Farmers Markets: Saturday, June 11th and Sunday, June 12th

Honey galore at Tokyo's Sun Marche! Rainy season is officially underway, which means it's time to pickle up those ume if you haven't already, and that market tables will soon be groaning with the weight of seasonal goodness. Don't be shy about grabbing your umbrella and heading out to one of these delightful spots to stock up on treats and get ready for summer! Market of the Sun Saturday, June 11th and Sunday, June 12th The newest of Tokyo's farmers markets at two years old,  Market of the Sun  professes to be one of the largest, and this month looks to be all about the grape. A short walk from  Tsukiji Market and its wonderful surrounds , it's worth a stop for a selection of foodly and crafty items that rivals that at the UNU Market. 10am to 4pm No map but step out of Kachidoki Station exits A4a and A4b Kamakura Farmers Market Every day A small local affair featuring Kamakura heirloom fruits and vegetables raised in yet another former

My article on Stephen Barstow's Visit to Japan at Metropolis

Stephen Barstow taking the plunge. Back when the sakura were blooming and my tomato plants were just shaping up their first leaves, Stephen Barstow came to visit Japan. I'd been reading his blog off and on for awhile, but it wasn't until Maddy Harland at Permaculture Magazine asked if I'd be interested in reviewing his book. Around the World in 80 Plants was a fantastic read, and I was enthralled from start to finish. (You can read my full review here .) So, when I found Barstow was coming, I snagged the chance to join him on a plant adventure and chat. You can read the results of that day of fun here at Metropolis. Enjoy!

June Farmers Markets in Tokyo and Yokohama

Got carrots? Earth Day Farmers Market is a good bet! Rainy season is just around the corner, which means the rice fields in the river valley are busy being planted and my tomatoes are gearing up to ripen their first fruits. There is plenty to be found already at these markets, not the least of which are ume (Japanese plums) eager to be turned into something delicious. And surely there are plenty more to be had this month, too. So check the forecast and head out for some foodly fun! Oiso Farmers Market Sunday, June 19th This little gem of a community shindig is one of the best things going outside of the Earth Day Market, and I don't say that lightly. A nice little community affair started a handful of years ago, it blossomed into a full-on monthly festival that just happens to feature Shonan area produce in its fresh, seasonal form as well as pickled, dried, and prepared-hot-in-a-bowl. In summer it turns into a night market, but in fall it will swing back to regular da