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August Farmers Markets in Tokyo and Yokohama

Fresh veg at my first US chokubaijo! Montello, Wisconsin Summer is upon us in all its hot and humid glory. Pick up ingredients for a cool summer meal or tasty beverage (child-friendly or adult) to help keep things cool. Summer crops - tomatoes, goya, eggplant, cucumbers, and onions - abound, and can be paired with all that fresh garlic that should just be emerging from its long slumber now. Do be careful of odd market dates and times as Obon is upon us. Check websites before you go and enjoy! Earth Day Market Sunday, August 7th I could go wax on forever about how great this market is and how important it is for the future of Japanese farming and global food security. Instead, I'll just insist that folks go and see for themselves what great things the market and these innovative growers are doing. Come find some good food and fun and enjoy! 10am to 4pm, Rain or shine! Map Market of the Sun Saturday, August 6th** **Hold on! This month the market is only

My article on biking the Setouchi Shimanami Kaido at Metropolis

A view along the Shimanami Kaido. One of our great pastimes since coming to Japan is bike touring . Unlike the flocks of cyclists that whiz along highways and byways here, we wear no spandex aboard sleek road bikes. We ride folding bikes and wear comfortable clothes with our trailers pulled along behind. These tours have been a source of great joy and adventure, even when it rains or the wind blows a bit too strong. Here is a short summary of our wanderings along one of the most glorious bike routes Japan has offered yet. Read all about it over here at Metropolis .