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Rice Harvest for Sammu Tambo Art This Weekend!

This is the 2015 design. You'll just have to go out there, eat the kimchi, and see this year's for yourself! Farmers make good friends, and they make good community members. Nagisa and Tomohito Minowa are no exception, and for the second year in a row they are working with other fantastic members of their town on a tambo (rice field) art project. They are having loads of fun with it, and this weekend's event promises to be one of the best yet. Here is my article about their first project and the other great stuff happening with the Minowa's, Tambo Art, and Soma. Register quick and then head on out to one of the prettiest and most fun places in Chiba for a great time and amazing lunch. (Try the kimchi. It's seriously the best ever.) Sammu Tambo Art Harvest Festival Saturday, September 24th 9am - 3pm 2,000 yen (includes lunch and tons of fun) Register here .

My Article on Mountain Huts at Metropolis Magazine

Me and Sonbutsu Sansou's professional mouser. Hiking, whether in Hokkaido, Nagano, or here in our Kanagawa backyard, has been one of our great pleasures since moving to Japan. What makes it extra special here are the mountain huts - yamagoya and sansou - where hikers can stay before returning home or exploring further into the mountains. Read my recommendations for a few within reasonably easy reach of Tokyo , and then head out to to find some fun!

September Farmers Markets in Tokyo and Yokohama

Roos Roast staff cheerful and perhaps caffeinated! Serving generous cups of their most delicious brews at the Ann Arbor Famers Market. Ann Arbor, Michigna. Typhoons come and typhoons go in this blustery month that makes March look like a lamb at best. Don't miss the chance, though, to duck out to one of these great markets and find some of the best the season has to offer. Squash in all shapes and sizes as well as nashi (Japanese pears), grapes galore, and a bounty of vegetables are all just waiting to go home with you and snuggle up in the kitchen. Sound awkward? Don't be silly. It's just plain delicious.  Earth Day Market Sunday, September 25th I could go wax on forever about how great this market is and how important it is for the future of Japanese farming and global food security. Instead, I'll just insist that folks go and see for themselves what great things the market and these innovative growers are doing. Come find some good food and fun and enjo