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Thursday Snapshot: Senmaida on the Noto Hanto

This past fall we took a lovely bike ride around the Noto Hanto (Peninsula). It was one of the best yet. Steep hills rushed down to a seashore the likes of which I've never encountered. Dramatic rock formations with crashing waves and villages staunchly set against the steady wind that blew in from the sea took my breath away. This set of rice terraced rice fields just outside of Wajima, though, were particularly lovely. While not exactly what would have existed before, they are a testament to a way of farming that it is worth remembering for its ingenuity and beauty.

April Farmers Markets in Tokyo and Yokohama

Kichijoji Harmonica Yokocho Founders. Read my review in the Spring Traveler for Outdoor Japan! Sakura (cherry) blossoms may be a wee bit late this year, but this month promises to bloom with fun and good food. (I couldn't resist.) Get all the fixings needed for the best hanami (blossom viewing) ever plus a few treats for the rest of the week. Warming temperatures and spring rains promise plenty of nanohana and surely the first sansai (mountain vegetables) should be appearing at any time now. See you at the market! Greenmarket Sumida Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2 Just over the bridge from Senso-ji is the newest market in the heart of the city. A collaborative effort between the local government and the same folks who manage Market of the Sun and Yokohama's Kitanaka Marche,  Greenmarket Sumida  aims to fill the supermarket gap in this old neighborhood. An excellent selection of food trucks nourish weary shoppers while the Beer Truck is often on hand to slake

Thursday Snapshot: Trout Lily

Trout lilies along the Potomac River. I had the great pleasure of attending a writer's conference near Washington, D.C. in March. While the sessions were wonderful, the adjacent regional park was even better. I found myself walking the trails for two hours at a time at the end of each day relaxing from a day of learning and most happily reacquainting myself with native flora and fauna. These trout lilies were among those I had the pleasure of meeting again.