Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Reading

Stubbers "helping" me stay on task.
The new office assistants are keeping me hopping, that's for sure. Last week must have been a fluke of peacefulness, because it's been a steady run of laundry, food, and play time all for them ever since. It's a miracle I got to read anything this week. Here's a few items I got to savor in between kitten attacks.

Food and Farming

What 'No Antibiotic' Claims Really Mean at Consumer Reports lays out in detail what that means in different contexts. The related links on food labeling are also worth sitting down with, too.

Nature in Various Forms

Hundreds of Shoes Form Memorial in Puerto Rico After Maria Death Toll Spikes at Huffington Post is a vivid portrayal of the grief and frustration these U.S. citizens continue to face nearly a year after the hurricane struck. Check out the good work being done by the Land+Heart Project in Puerto Rico to see one of way of how to help.

Invasive Beetle Threatens Japan's Beloved Cherry Blossoms at The Japan Times tells of the threat posed to the nation's beloved trees by the red-necked longhorn beetle. A stowaway on imported lumber perhaps, the beetle is munching its way along.

The team and I recently listened to Krista Tippett talk with Michael McCarthy for a recent episode of On Being, and then I found this amazing piece, Nature and the Serious Business of Joy, at Brainpickings. Deep, complex, and beautifully written, the article is worth the time it takes to read and ponder.

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