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September Farmers Markets in Tokyo and Yokohama Regions

Leipzig Farmers Market, September 2017. September brings slightly cooler temperatures and typhoons, although we've had no shortage of those the past months. However, don't be shy to head on out to the markets to see what bounty is going to be rolling in this month. Autumn crops will be coming even as summer ones continue their steady appearance. It is a wonderful time to eat, to say the least! Market of the Sun Saturday, September 8 and Sunday, September 9 One of Tokyo's newer markets,  Market of the Sun (a.k.a. Taiyo Marche) , professes to be one of the largest. A short walk from Tsukiji Market and its wonderful surrounds, this market is worth a visit for its lovely selection of foodly and crafty items that rivals the goodies found at the UNU Market. 10am to 4pm Step out of Kachidoke Station at Exits A4a or A4b and look for the tents. Koenji Farmers Market Saturday, September 15* Spotted a handful of years ago while riding the Chuo Line,  this

Tokyo and Yokohama Regional Farmers Markets: Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12

Tomato party in Germany last summer! The typhoon has left, another is on the way, and in the meantime the weather is as sultry as ever. Humidity in the high-80's does seem a little bit ridiculous, but that's the deal. It also happens to be Obon season , so please be aware that there may be fewer vendors at the markets and market schedules may be somewhat in flux. Check calendars, be patient, and shop for what you can. If the vendor is there, then take advantage of fewer folks to chat and check out what they have on offer. They will probably even have extra time to explain a recipe! Kamakura Farmers Market **Stop and check at tourist information in Kamakura Station before venturing over. They may be closed some days.** Every day This market is an absolute treasure of a small local affair featuring Kamakura heirloom fruits and vegetables raised in or nearby another one of Japan's former capitals. Head in early to get the best selection and pick up a loaf of Paradise

August Farmers Markets in the Tokyo and Yokohama Regions

Tasty veg at the market!! It is seriously hot these days, and my mind turns to climate change . You might want to say that isn't the kind of talk that should be on a blog about farmers markets, that I should stick to cute pictures of vegetables and happy farmers and share stories about recipes. I will do that, but I also feel a responsibility to those farmers, their crops, and my fellow eaters to be honest. The heat, drought, floods, wild fires, and typhoons out of season are part of climate change. So, go to these markets and buy what you see and like, talk to the growers and producers. They need your support because business is so much riskier now than it has ever been before. See you at the market. Koenji Farmers Market Saturday, August 18* Spotted a handful of years ago while riding the Chuo Line,  this little market  is still going strong. A circle of red awnings in front of the  Za-Koenji Public Theatre  marks the spot where friendly folks with good food and interes