Why Follow Japan Farmers Markets

Bugrass Farmers at the UNU Farmers Market.
There are any number of reasons to follow the posts on this website - good food, fun events, and a unique chance to explore a city or region - but they aren't the most important one.

Japan Farmers Markets offers a chance to meet and interact with the culture in a very special yet mundane way: through the people who grow and produce food. These are the people who are the living representation of Japanese culture, Japanese history, and they set the course for the future as well. By meeting with them, talking with them, making it possible for them to keep on growing and producing, you connect with Japan in a very everyday way that is almost magical.

So, it's more than just vegetables, jam, and some of the best handmade bread around. It's more than a steel drum playing on a breezy spring afternoon in the heart of Tokyo. It's about really discovering the place where you find yourself at this very moment.

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Karen Cioffi said...

Hey, Joan, you've convinced me!