Monday, July 7, 2008

Berry Harvest

They are everywhere. I swear. We get out of the car, and we see them on trees. We stop at a friends, and they are on bushes. I go to work at Frog Holler, and they are lurking in the fields. I help cultivate at Ambry Farms, and they dangle before my eyes.

What's a girl to do? Make jam, that's what!

So far it's been strawberry jam (courtesy of Frog Holler fields!) that came out a bit more like sauce than jam, but is still so very tasty. (To get jam, one must follow directions a bit more carefully than I did that day.) Mixed berry jam - black raspberries, black berries, and mulberries from Mull Road, Grandma's house, and Ambry Farms - that looked and felt more like jam while still tasting great. And today it was blueberry and red raspberry jams. (I can hear the jars popping while I type.)

We canned up a boatload of pie cherries a couple weeks ago, but those we didn't make into jam. It seemed more logical to simply can them whole for enjoying during the winter. Those quarts and pints of berries are snuggled in our basement already. Per our frugal friends suggestion we canned up the leftover juice, too, and I've got a jar in the refrigerator waiting for the right hot afternoon. (I'm salivating here.)

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