Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Good Use for Grass?

I'm not a big fan of grass. It has its place, but I'd prefer to not have that be in my lawn, if I can help it. Ever since hearing Fritz Haeg speak this fall, I look at every lawn (including my own) and imagine a garden. (Full disclosure: I wrote this blog entry for Project Grow.)

But perhaps a use has been found! Check out this post about grass-lined green railways - absolutely brilliant! I might rethink my opinion of that short green stuff.


Maggie said...

The green railways are so pretty!
Even though I'd prefer no lawn at all I'm stuck with a child, husband and two dogs that would appreciate some amount of lawn. For the new house, I plan on to trying this no-mow lawn. Have anyone heard anything good or bad about it? Another version I've seen is Eco-lawn.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

I hear that about a need for lawn of some kind. We have a picnic table we like to have room for, too. One kind of grass I've heard discussed is Buffalo Grass. I'll see what I can find out, and share the info with you!

Kateri said...

Those are so pretty. Truly a good use for grass! I'm not opposed to lawns...I just think it is really silly to insist that they be "all grass". I'd rather have wildflowers, no matter how humble. My lawn has more dandelions, clover, and plantain in it then actual grass and that is the way the prefer it...much to my husband's dismay.