Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Buzz About Bees

(Confession: As we get ready to move to Japan, I'm doing a fair amount of cross-pollinating, if you will, with what I write for the Project Grow blog. We're knee-deep in boxes, visitors, cleaning and tidying projects, plus the highs and lows of leaving one great place for a new adventure in another. I feel a bit like a cheater-pants, but it's all good stuff that I want to share anyway. Thanks for your patience!)

I also wrote about this little piece from Grist about cities that are allowing and even I dare say encouraging their citizens to keep bees. These little pollinators are pivotal to our produce. (Ok, I like alliteration. I'm an English major, for heaven's sake.) And how much fun would it bee (see that?) to don one of those nifty suits and harvest your own honey! All while the chickens roam about in the near distance...

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Shayne said...

I feel ya. I love bees and chickens but this moving out of country thing is getting in the way...I bet I could get chickens I did here a rooster when we were walking the ground of out now the city