Saturday, January 16, 2010

Have Some Chilli, Hummous, and Tabouli for Me!

I'm switching gears from Japan back to Michigan for just a moment to share news about an upcoming event for a small organization that I think does great work.

The Raisin Valley Land Trust is hosting their annual ski outing and potluck on Saturday, January 30th. Traditionally, there's super-duper chilli, homemade hummous and tabouli to die for, and a great group of people to spend an afternoon with. Details below on how to get yourself there, and eat just a wee bit extra for me! (Trust me. It won't be difficult to comply with that request.)

Raisin Valley Land Trust Annual Winter/Cross-Country Ski Outing and Potluck Get Together
Saturday, January 30th
Doors Open 2pm
Potluck 6pm (get there a little early...)
11677 Noggles Road
Manchester Township
RSVP to Sybil Kolon via email or comment on this post and I'll share her phone number.

For more information about The Raisin Valley Land Trust visit the Raisin Cluster Stewardship Stories blog to see what great partnerships they've formed and what nifty work they're doing with The Stewardship Network.

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