Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tulip Poplar Seed Pods

While out walking the byways of Michigan, I'd spotted these same blooms high up in a tree. I couldn't get close enough by any means for a better look, and I couldn't imagine what tree possessed such lovely blooms in February. Later while on a walk in Cleveland, I saw them again and was able to get a better look.

Turns out it's a tulip poplar, a tree native to these Midwest parts, that grows tall and lovely. It's leaves are of a distinct shape (like a tulip, in fact) and it's blooms (again reminiscent of the tulip) arrive in late spring. These are the seed pods decorating the branches most spectacularly.


Robert Brenchley said...

There's one of these in the hedge near my allotment. The blooms aren't particularly conspicuous, as they're a light green colour, but when you look closely, you really get to appreciate them.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

I had never heard of these until my mother-in-law planted one at her home in Ohio. I admit I didn't give it much thought then, either, until she pointed out the blooms to me one day. I've been hooked ever since!