Friday, January 13, 2012

Tokyo Farmer's Markets: January 14th and 15th

Heirloom kabu at December's Earth Day Market 
The list for this weekend might be small, but sometimes having fewer choices is a good thing. And remember, it's only the possible locations to visit that are limited. The selection of items - from crafts, to fresh fruits and vegetables, to pickles, to jams, to a big, beautiful bag of rice or a small package of tea - knows only the boundaries of the shopping bag in hand and the creativity of the growers and producers present that day. If you ask me, there's no better way to spend a winter weekend.

Every Saturday and Sunday in December
A massive weekend affair that is great fun and features a variety of fruits and vegetables and prepared products from all over Japan. Plus, the curry I had during my last visit from one of the vendors was plate-licking good. (I refrained, but only just.)
10am to 4pm

Every Saturday in January
A recent first visit to this market was well worth the trip for the number of organic growers and getting to meet a Tokyo farmer from just down the tracks in Kokobunji.
10am to 2pm

Every Saturday and Sunday in January
Another nice market not far from the sumo stadium in Ryogoku it's worth casing out for the neighborhood as well as the vendors.
11am to 5pm

Know of a market? Give me a shout and we'll add it to the list!


VP said...

Interesting point re lack of choice at this time of the year can lead to inventiveness in the kitchen.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

True that, although I will say given where we live in Japan there's heaps of stuff to turn into delicious foods for the table any time of day. I would, in fact, argue that winter is MUCH more bounteous than summer with temperatures that wither everything except over-zealous tomatoes.