Monday, December 17, 2012


Life in Tokyo and Japan is literally and figuratively far away from my home country, the United States, but there are times when the finger of current events reaches me. This past year there have been many such moments: a recall election in my home state, a presidential election that show-cased some of our best and worst, new legislation in the state next dearest to me, and a handful of family crises.

The latest, though, cuts me to the quick and I find myself so deeply saddened by it that my eyes fill with tears even as I type. A family crisis earlier this year did the same, sending me into a states of grief and sadness, anger, and finally resolution. Pen met paper in multiple ways. A new course was set, one I could live with.

While no one in Newtown is my relative or even friend, it feels the same. I can't help but weep and grieve with this tragedy. I know the anger (mostly disgust at my culture's inexplicable fixation on guns and violence as the only solution to any given problem) will come, and then the resolution. For now, though, I'm pausing my usual stories to simply remember those families one and all.

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