Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Growing New Life in Tohoku up at Ecotwaza

A community garden in Sendai.
Not set up by Peace Boat, but giving comfort, hope and produce, too.
One of the things I really love about the writing I do is being able to discover great stories. I've met some absolutely amazing people from all over the world doing terrific things, seen some extraordinary places, and eaten some of the best food ever.

One of the groups I've been lucky enough to find is Peace Boat. My husband and I volunteered with them in Ishinomaki after the earthquake for a week. It was many months later, but we knew help was still needed and that morale needed to be boosted. It seemed the least we could do for a country and people who have given us so much during our short time here.

My latest article at ecotwaza is part of a series about Tohoku, the region most directly affected by the triple disaster, and what's happening there now. Most stories focus on food and farming, and this one is no different. Peace Boat's project to build gardens for survivors was a wonderful tip from a friend, and a story that I am grateful to be able to tell. Read on for yourself and learn how a garden is more than just a vegetable or two.

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