Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Snapshot: Candy in China

Sweet delight on the second floor of a Beijing supermarket.
While staying in Beijing last year we stopped at a local supermarket every day to pick up food for the day. We knew we would eat out most meals, but we also like to snack. It's a great way to keep up energy throughout the day and an excellent excuse to try new foods. I also have a sweet tooth, so when we spotted the bulk candy section on the second floor I made it my duty to try as many kinds as I could. In the process, we also made friends with the Night Candy Lady. We don't speak Chinese and she doesn't speak English, but we managed to communicate beautifully. She shared her recommendations  - scrunching up her nose for not so delicious and giving a vigorous nod of approval when it was good - which were always spot on. I should have left China with a cavity.

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