Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Snapshot: Saroma's Pumpkin Arch

Saroma's pumpkin arch heavy with fruit.
Last September we ventured north to Hokkaido to say goodbye to a dear friend, visit others, and together remember the joy and adventure we all shared. One of our stops included Saroma, a town that has an utterly fantastic pumpkin festival each year. And let me just say, they know how to celebrate a vegetable: parades, live music, games, fireworks, and, of course, heaps of lovely pumpkin-based foods.

This year we will be in America visiting family and friends, meaning that our annual trek to our favorite place in Japan will be delayed. It feels odd to not be biking the seashore or hiking in the mountains, but we will plan to return again in the winter. Until then, Ezo!

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