Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Review of d47 Shokudo in Metropolis Magazine

Nagano natto mixed with umeboshi and topped with miyoga.
Serious yum.
As a farmer and gardener, I love to eat and thankfully, Japan is chock full of terrific food. My favorite spouse and I have wandered near and far exploring this lovely land, its food, and meeting some terrific people. However, there are many places we haven't been able to explore yet, but lucky for us antenna shops and places like d47 Shokudo are around to remind us the tasty adventures to be had.

d47 Shokudo is the foodly arm of Kenmei Nagaoka's d and design firm, which focuses on show-casing the best each prefecture has to offer. It's a brilliant scheme, and the shokudo is just as wonderful in the array of foods offered from each of Japan's 47 prefectures. My review in Metropolis Magazine takes readers on a mouth-watering tour, hopefully inspiring a wander over to sample for yourselves. Affordable, delicious, and ridiculously fun. Go!

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