Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday Snapshot: Goats on the Farm in Tokyo

Who doesn't love a good cabbage leaf?
It is with great pleasure that I introduce two of my replacements at the farm in Tokyo where I used to help out. Above are May and Satsuki, the two lovely rental goats who are spending six months munching their way through the grasses and weeds in the kuri (chestnut) grove at the farm. Granted, they have eaten a few of the kuri branches, too. "They needed pruning," said C-chan with a shrug of her shoulders and a small laugh when we talked about it.

Nibbling the cabbage leaf.
Rental goats are part of a new trend in farming. (This article at Japan for Sustainability offers a nice overview of the idea.) They eat weeds, do a little fertilizing, and are generally friendly. Put up some fencing and a small shelter, and the hooved work crew will happily settle in.

May and Satsuki lounging between shifts.
May and Satsuki come when C-chan calls, and they enjoy a cabbage leaf or two when it's in season. The other night we spotted one lounging in the cool air while the other grazed nearby, their white coats glowing in the moonlight, a welcome and soothing sight.

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