Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Review of The New Livestock Farmer at Permaculture Magazine

Rebecca Thistlethwaite wrote one of the best books on farming that I've ever read - Farms with a Future - a few years ago. In that one she offered sound advice for farmers starting out or trying to figure things out. I've given it as a gift, quoted from it, and recommended it.

The same, surely, can be said for her latest, The New Livestock Farmer, out in 2013 from Chelsea Green. (My review of that on is here.) Written with her husband and partner in farming, Jim Dunlop, it, too, offers good advice and inspiration for raising meat successfully and sustainably. Read my review at Permaculture Magazine here, and then buy them both. (Chelsea Green doesn't pay me for these things, by the way, although they do send along review copies.)

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