Wednesday, May 11, 2016

One of my favorite places in Tokyo: Yanaka at Metropolis Magazine

Suwa Shrine.
Yanaka, Tokyo.
There are those who come to Tokyo in search of the new and shiny, the latest technology or to find where the city gets it's freak on. I can see the appeal, but the places I return to again and again are the older, more homey feeling places. These are the communities where community still exists, where pots of flowers line the sidewalks and amid the bustle old people and children mix and mingle as they go about their lives. These are the places where wooden buildings still exist and where people tend to be outside on the street talking and doing rather than inside hidden away. These also happen to be the spots where some of the best food can be found, which I firmly believe is no coincidence.

One of my favorites is Yanaka. Set on one of the circles of the Yamanote Line and up a rather steep hill, this district is worth every effort to discover and explore. Read my article about it here at Metropolis, and then put on your walking shoes and go. And plan to go again. There's too much to see for just one visit, and you'll be satisfied every time.

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