Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday Snapshot: Stolen Seeds

Coreopsis seed head at the ready.

Ok, stolen is kind of a strong word. I happened to be walking to the garden one morning and noticed that a stand of coreopsis I admired had some seed heads. They bloom next to a guardrail along the road and are a cheerful greeter each time I walk to and from my garden. I plucked a head in passing and tossed it into the garden near the rhubarb. On the way home, I grabbed another and tossed it onto the soil near my compost bin. A couple days later, I snagged another and plopped it in a different location in my garden. I felt a little guilty, but my neighbor put my mind at ease.

"Every gardener does that," she said when I confessed my crime one morning when we met while tending our respective plots. So, I grabbed another on my way home and eyeballed a clump of nira that were blooming, too. After all, I'm a gardener, I thought as I mentally marked the location.

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