Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sento and Solstice: My Article about Stephanie Crohin at Metropolis

Yuzu ready for the bath.

The winter solstice is upon us once again. Touji, as the solstice is called here in Japan, is marked in a wonderfully traditional and appropriate way: bright yellow yuzu are set to float in the bath. Some say it is to remind bathers of the sun, others say for the healing property of the fruit. Regardless, it's a delightful tradition enacted in homes, onsen, and as Stephanie Crohin, Sento Ambassador and author of the recently published 銭湯は、小さな美術館 or Sentos: Small Museums.

Read all about Stephanie's fascinating sento adventures in my recent article, and then check out her handy website, DokodemoSento, to see where to get your sento fix and celebrate the solstice right.

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