Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thursday Snapshot: A Slice of Blue Pine

Detail of a slice of blue pine at Metalwood Salvage.
On our last day in Portland, Oregon we strolled about a neighborhood not too far from the airport and not too far from where we started this latest adventure. We stumbled on Metalwood Salvage. Perhaps one of the most interesting places I have seen in some time, they carry a somewhat curated collection of scrap metal, glass, and wood that answers the call of practicality and whimsy alike. There was nothing we needed but much that we would gladly have taken away with us including this slice of blue pine.

Named for the color of the fungus spread by the Mountain Pine Beetle, a native beetle to this side of the country, blue pine is the result of the beetles newfound energy with the changing climate. Cold winters kept the population in check, but the changing climate and warmer summers give it plenty of time to work. Particularly long warm snaps can result in large stands of dead wood or snags as they are called out here. Getting rid of the snags reduces risk of fire, and turning the wood into something beautiful puts the wood to good use.

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