Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday Snapshot: Frog in the Popcorn

Frog in the popcorn.
There's a fair bit of wildlife in my garden, which is just how I like it. I take it as a compliment that these creatures want to spend time in my little plot resting in the cool shade of the kale leaves or enjoy the crinkle of dried leaves used for mulch. Some, like the crows or other birds that attacked my popcorn last year are not so thrilling, but I still take their attention as a good sign.

The frogs, though, are a favorite and seem to be ever-present. This guy was lounging at head height yesterday in the popcorn, which is to say he was about three-quarters of the way up. It was a particularly hot afternoon, and I was taking a few snaps before heading for ice cream and home. I don't necessarily encourage frogs, but I don't use any chemicals that would deter them, either. Because their are no empty spaces in my garden - everything is covered with plants or some kind of mulching material - they also have plenty of places to hide or just hang out, eat bugs, and enjoy the scenery.

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