Monday, October 22, 2018

The Romantic Market: Review

The Romantic Market in Shibuya.

I'm always on the hunt for new markets, and so when I saw a posting about something called The Romantic Market I made a note to visit. While the description made it sound more like an antique and craft market, there was also mention of organic food and produce. Those two items put it on the agenda for the weekend!

Just up the hill from Shibuya, but in the opposite direction from the UNU Market, The Romantic Market is tucked in a corner of the Shibuya Garden Tower Building. A well-placed sign on the sidewalk signaled where to turn in, and there I found a charming little set of tables and stalls.

The first grouping offered primarily crafty items of the artisanal sort. Beautiful jewelry that was very difficult to resist as well as an assortment of clever items made from textiles, ceramics, and wood. Further in were booths offering a fascinating array of Japanese and European antiques ranging from kimono and yukata to ceramics and a portable writing desk that I can't get off my mind.

There was one vendor selling produce - a lone grape farmer in the back corner - and one booth selling food that smelled amazing. I didn't stop at either, but like that portable writing desk, those grapes are something I wish I'd brought home with me. Ah, well.

So, while this market didn't offer exactly what I'd hoped (lots of produce, rice, and other foodly items), it was fun and full of tempting items. I'll be back next month perhaps to see about the desk and discover what else the farmer brings along.

The Romantic Market
Once a month
Shibuya Garden Tower Building
11am - 4pm
Nearest station: Shibuya

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