Monday, September 9, 2019

Women of Taste Series Opener!

Oasis 21 Organic Farmers Asaichimura in Nagoya.
Photo courtesy of Takako Yoshino.

The first article in a series called Women of Taste is up at The Japan Times. Takako Yoshino, manager of the Oasis 21 Organic Farmers Asaichimura in Nagoya, is the first. Yoshino is a visionary and a community-builder focused on creating a sustainable market for farmers and eaters. Her work weaves a connection between the tables set up each Saturday morning at Oasis 21 to the rural areas surrounding Nagoya as well as between the customers and farmers who join her there. What she is doing is extraordinary, delicious, and wonderful.

Others in the series will include a baker, a food photographer and designer, a farmer, and a chef. These are all women I have met or known for some years and whose stories I have long wanted to tell. I'm grateful to The Japan Times for sharing my excitement and taking on this series. If all goes well, it may get extended, so please read and share the articles. Most of all, enjoy them and perhaps you'll find something to inspire you, too!

Also, if you happen to know someone you think would be a good fit for Women of Taste, please let me know!

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