Friday, October 22, 2021

Tokyo and Yokohama Regional Farmers Markets: October Update


A colorful selection of kabu (turnips) at the Farmers Market at UNU.

It has been some time, to say the least, since I have ventured out to a farmers market. Some, like the Kamakura market, have been running steadily, and others, like the Aoyama Marche, scaled back and ran in other places or shifted online as much as possible. Now that the State of Emergency (SOE) is over, the number of cases down, and the number of vaccinations up, markets opening up again bit by bit. Below is what I have thus far. If you notice something missing or that needs updating, get in touch!

Market of the Sun

This market remains closed. It is wonderful when it's open, so be sure to check their Facebook page for updates. 

Koenji Farmers Market

Saturday, October 16*

This market is open! Held the third Saturday of the month in front of the Za-Koenji Public Theatre, this market is a charming mix of local fare and nearby growers. Check out the website for vendor details.

11am - 5pm


Oiso Farmers Market

This market remains closed. It is a delightful one to visit, especially if you hanker for a seaside wander away from Tokyo. Check their Facebook page for updates.

Nippori Farmers Market

This market permanently closed in April 2020. It was one of my favorites.  

Yokohama Kitanaka Marche

This market remains closed. It is another great one to visit and a welcome addition to Yokohama's delights. Check their Facebook page for updates.

Kichijoji Harmonica Yokocho Asaichi

This market remains closed. Early risers on Tokyo's west side will find this one well worth the effort when it does reopen. Check their Facebook page for updates.

Kamakura Farmers Market

This market is open and well worth the journey. Established in 1933, the market features a different group of farmers each day. All grow Kamakura Brand vegetables, a brand established to delineate the uniqueness and terroir of Kamakura's produce. Check out their website, visit to discover which group(s) of farmers might be your favorite, then make it a regular journey. My advice? Other than getting vaccinated, wear your mask, bring your own shopping bag, and get ready for a feast!

Kamakura Renbai

8am until no veg left

Ebisu/Yebisu Marche

This market is open and running as usual every Sunday. Always a delight for the Tokyo growers it features, I will also recommend checking out Brod. A new baker on the scene specializing in Nordic sourdough, they appear at this market as well as other spots around town. I haven't tried their work yet, but I am looking forward to doing so!

Ebisu/Yebisu Marche

11am - 5pm

Farmers Market at UNU

This market is open and running at its regular location in front of the United Nations University. Easily Tokyo's best market, it is open every Saturday and Sunday with a fantastic variety of growers, producers, craftsmen/women, and a very nice selection of food trucks. Other events often also take place, and if you go, you will have an absurd amount of fun and come away with a bag full of wonderfulness. 

Farmers Market at UNU

10am to 4pm

Hills Marche

This market is open and running at its regular location and times. Tucked in the inner courtyard of Ark Hills Karajan Platz, this market is a treasure trove of vegetables, fruit, baked goods, fresh flowers, and more. 

Hills Marche

10am to 2pm

Yurakucho Marche/Kotsukaikan Marche

This market is open and running in its usual location and regular times. Snug under the overhang of the Kotsukaikan just outside Yurakucho Station, this market runs weekly on Saturdays and Sundays. In keeping with the number of prefectural antenna shops inside, market themes are often regional. This is another highly recommended spot.

Yurakucho Kotsukaikan Marche

11:30am to 5:30pm

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