Friday, April 11, 2008

Three Eggs a Day and a Fox

The girls are laying like mad. We get about three eggs a day, which rapidly fills up the spare cartons we have. Our Auracauna lays almost religiously - hers is the only green egg out there - and the others aren't far behind.

The girls free range and as the season carries on they venture over to our neighbors house. Imagine my shock as I saw them calmly walk down our driveway to cross the road and walk all the way up to his house. When I went to herd them back he came out to tell me they visit regularly. They like the birdseed from the feeder outside his livingroom window.

Our neighbor is now attached to them, and keeps an eye out for their safety. He called the other night to report he'd seen a fox. He chased it away, but the girls were at risk. Yikes.

Well. What's a mother hen like me to do?

Open the coop door and hope for the best, and feel grateful every time I see four girls come running when I get home at night.

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