Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pajeon, The Korean Pancake

One of our favorite foods from our visit to Korea has to be Pajeon, the Korean vegetable pancake. We ate it first at a little place in Yeosu with the usual variety of side dishes - kimchi, acorn tofu, daikon, and dried or pickled fish - and a big bowl of Makgeolli, iced Korean rice wine.

Ours consisted of chopped octopus, shrimp, daikon tops, hot peppers, and onion all held together by egg and a bit of flour. Quickly fried the "pancake" is placed on a plate and served piping hot to the table. Our cousin, Grace, and her friend Jack, deftly used their chopsticks to demolish it into chunks that we eagerly snatched up to eat. A small bowl with soy sauce and minced garlic offered optional dipping.

I didn't get a recipe while there, but this one and this one are the ones I plan to try in the near future.

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